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Rumbles in D.C. about World War III When Raisi’s Death Was First Announced

How close the world is to the hair-trigger for nuclear war is reflected in a May 20 article appearing in Politico, and picked up by RT under the headline: “U.S. Feared World War III after President of Iran’s Death—Politico.”

RT reported: “There were initial fears among U.S. officials that the helicopter crash that killed President Ebrahim Raisi on Sunday [May 19] could trigger a new world war, Politico reported on Monday. In particular, there were concerns that Tehran could seek to blame Washington and Israel for the incident, a source told the outlet.… As the news of the crash broke, U.S. officials `spent Sunday anxiously awaiting updates’ on the situation. According to Politico, they were waiting to see if Iran would accuse Israel or Washington of sabotaging the helicopter, even though there was nothing to suggest this.

“One unnamed official told the outlet that `for a little while, it was not a crazy question to ask “Is this how World War III begins?”’”

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