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Russia Tells U.K., We Will Hit Your Military Facilities in Ukraine ‘and Beyond’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry yesterday summoned U.K. Ambassador Nigel Casey “to be delivered a strong protest against the recent statement by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron in an interview with the Reuters news agency regarding Ukraine’s right to strike Russian territory using British weapons.” Casey was told “The Ministry firmly pointed out to Ambassador Casey that Cameron’s hostile outburst directly contradicts the British side’s earlier assurances during the transfer of long-range cruise missiles to the Kiev regime that they would under no circumstances be used to strike Russia’s territory. By doing so, the head of the Foreign Office disavowed this position and admitted his country was a de facto party to the conflict.” Of note, Casey “was warned that any U.K. military facilities and equipment on Ukrainian territory and beyond could be hit as a response to Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory with British weapons.”

The Foreign Ministry concluded: “The ambassador was urged to consider the inevitable disastrous repercussions of such hostile steps by London and to urgently refute in the strongest and most unequivocal manner the bellicose provocative statements by the head of the Foreign Office.”

Moreover, a Foreign Ministry release stated: “Due to the French leadership’s increasingly bellicose statements and incoming information about France’s growing involvement in the conflict around Ukraine, on May 6, French Ambassador to Russia Pierre Levy was summoned to the Foreign Ministry,” referring to President Emmanuel Macron pushing the idea of sending Western troops into Ukraine, and including the recent, reckless idea of making statements without clarifications just to keep Russia guessing.

“The Russian side gave its fundamental assessments of Paris’s destructive and provocative line, leading to further escalation of the conflict. It was emphasized that the attempts of the French authorities to create some strategic uncertainty for Russia with their irresponsible statements about a possible dispatch of Western military contingents to Ukraine are doomed to failure. The goals and objectives of the special military operation will be achieved.

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