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Russian Media Quote Kuznick and Ritter on Putin’s Inaugural Speech

The Russian media continue to scour the political landscape in the United States for signs of sanity on the issue of Russia, and has found some. TASS reported on Peter Kuznick, director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University, who called for Western countries to accept Russian President Putin’s invitation to dialogue. “Macron keeps threatening to send French combat forces to Ukraine. Britain gives the green light to attacking deeper in Russia. Longer range ATACMS and F-16 are being deployed to Ukraine. And Russia announces plans to conduct tactical nuclear weapons drills in response. World War III appears to be on the horizon,” Kuznick told TASS.

TASS continued: “The expert believes that under these circumstances, the West requires a dialogue with Russia to negotiate a settlement in Ukraine and renew strategic stability talks. `In this situation, the U.S., Ukraine, and NATO should accept Putin’s offer both in terms of negotiating a settlement over Ukraine and in terms of renewing strategic stability talks. More saber-rattling by either side just reinforces the sickness that has descended upon our planet,’ the expert continued. `The time to talk and try to find common ground is long past due as is the time to try to understand how the world looks through the eyes of our adversaries, an ability that no American President has manifest since the last year of the Kennedy presidency,” he added.

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