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Russia's Ambassador Antonov Answers Congressmen, Direct War with Russia Anyone?

Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov called yesterday’s move by a group of U.S. congressmen—who wrote to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, demanding authorization for Ukraine to use U.S.-provided weapons to strike strategic targets within Russian territory under certain circumstances—to be “provocative” and “extremely dangerous and reckless.” He added that “the calls by Russophobes mean only one thing—further U.S. involvement in the conflict in Ukraine on the side of the agonizing Zelenskyy regime.”

Antonov also said “”The level of hysterical reaction to our successes at the front is growing in Washington exponentially, not by the day but by the hour. Politicians and lawmakers continue to test our patience. Every day we hear new proposals to expand military assistance to the junta in Kiev.” Moreover, he wrote: “It is obvious that Kiev wants to do what it can to provoke the United States, as well as other NATO countries, into rash actions and achieve a head-on collision between Russia and the bloc’s members.”
“This is exactly how ideas about using long-range American systems against Russian civilians, primarily women, children and the elderly, should be viewed. Here we must also add the nudge of Western states to shoot down aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces.
“Let me emphasize: the Kiev regime has long since stopped asking permission from the Western masters to wage war against civilian targets on Russian territory. Barbaric raids using deadly products of the NATO military-industrial complex are carried out across our country on an almost regular basis.”
Antonov concluded: “After the slogans voiced by American politicians, including today, there is only one desire—to speed up the defeat of the criminals in Kiev. Our Armed forces, which are demonstrating heroic victories at the front, understand this perfectly well.”

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