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Shapps Reveals that Italy Too Has Delivered Storm Shadow Missiles to Kiev

In an interview with The Times of London, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said that “France, the U.K. and Italy have demonstrated that Taurus, Storm Shadow or Scalp [missiles] are devastatingly effective. They are available in limited quantities and there are a lot of them in Germany. So yes, they should definitely be delivered. They could make a big difference.”

“I do believe that Storm Shadow is an extraordinary weapon. The U.K., France and Italy are deploying these weapons for use in Crimea in particular. This weapon has a very significant impact,” Shapps said. The interview was picked up by the Ukrainian UNN.

On April 28, the industry blog by David Cenciotti, The Aviationist, commented: “This is the first time Italy is said to be among the nations supplying this type of missile to Ukraine: the Italian government has not officially announced the transfer, keeping the usual ‘low profile’ when it deals with sensitive matters like weapons donations or procurements.”

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