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Slovakia: ‘Macron’s Statements Bring the World Closer to World War III’

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico had to remind French President Emmanuel Macron that there is no justification for sending NATO troops to Ukraine, because Ukraine is not a member state, RT reported on May 4. Slovakia, like Hungary, are the only NATO members that border Ukraine.

RT referenced Macron’s April 29 interview with The Economist, in which he again refused to rule out a deployment of French soldiers to Ukraine, and reported, “Fico told the Slovak parliament on Thursday [May 2] that statements such as Macron’s bring the world closer to World War Three. ‘Slovakia has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine,’ he said, ‘and let me send a clear message to the whole of Slovakia: whoever might ask us, no Slovak soldier will set foot beyond the Slovak-Ukrainian border.’”

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