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Helsinki protest of situation in Gaza. Credit: CC/rajatonvimms

From Dublin to India, college campuses have become scenes of mass protests for a ceasefire in Gaza and often including demands of divestment of universities from Israel and the war machine behind it. Universities are often viewed by their students as being complicit with the genocide, or at the very least silent and inactive. According to The Guardian 2,500 students in America have been arrested over the last two weeks and now mass arrests have started in Europe. At the University of Amsterdam 250 were arrested on May 7 and there were large arrests in Berlin. It is said that students in the U.K. want to catch up with the American protests. There are now 14 universities in the U.K. with protests and a few, such as the University of Edinburgh, have a student hunger strike.

Universities around the world with activities include: Oxford, Cambridge, Trinity College of Dublin, University of Copenhagen, University of Finland, University of Sydney (Australia), UC-San Diego, and universities in Berlin, Spain, France, Lebanon, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela, several Nordic countries, UNAM in Mexico City (where LaRouche organizers had a large banner promoting the Oasis Plan), and many others.

At MIT about 50 high school students walked out of their classes and joined the university students in stopping all traffic for about four hours in front of MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition to stopping the genocide in Gaza, the high school students wanted to defend the MIT students from threats by the university to suspend them. One sign at MIT simply read, “Let Gaza Live!”