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Greek Security Expert Argues, Assassination Effort on Fico Warns All Who Oppose the Ukraine War

Slavak Prime Minister Robert Fico. Credit: European Union

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos, who was a security advisor to the late Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou (1981-89 and 1991-939), warned that the May 15 assassination attempt against Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico was a warning to all those leaders who oppose the war policy of the European Union and NATO. ‘'There is social polarization and political antagonism in all of Europe, but usually nobody is shooting at prime ministers. Only in Slovakia,” Konstantakopoulos told Sputnik in a May 16 article.

He said Fico had “very different policy” against the conflict in neighboring Ukraine and ties with Russia, other than most European countries, which earned him a “campaign of hate from the Western press.” While it may be too early to say with certainty who was responsible for his attempted murder, Konstantakopoulos said, the mood in the European street is clear. “What people will think all around Europe is that this is a signal to any politician who would like to disagree with the main NATO and the European Union policies—that he has to be careful not to be assassinated,” he said.

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