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U.S. To Deploy China Watchers to Japan Embassy, already in 20 Other Countries

The State Department has announced in recent days, that “an officer to monitor problematic behavior from China will be stationed at the embassy in Tokyo,” adding that similar China hands have already been deployed to 20 other U.S. Embassies around the world, including Bangkok, Brussels, Rome and Sydney. Japan Times notes: “The United States will collect more information about China’s coercive activities in cooperation with the Japanese government.”

China has responded, reports Global Times today. “The U.S. deployment has an important intention to facilitate not only the collection of intelligence on China, but also the more effective control of its ally system, which raises concern that the China-targeting information network would disrupt the normal economic, political and security relations between China and these U.S. allies. They condemned the despicable intentions of the U.S. to create division and conflict in the Asia-Pacific region by making China an opponent.”