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UCLA Will Withhold Diplomas From 55 Student Protesters

At least 55 students will have their diplomas withheld, and will face other disciplinary actions, according to The Guardian. On May 2, over 200 students were arrested, so it is widely believed that the number of students being punished will grow well beyond the 55 so far reported. None of the arrested students have been arraigned in court, and few, if any, are expected to be prosecuted. One student commented that the university administration claims to be acting only out of concern for the safety of the students. The students, however, not only felt completely abandoned by UCLA, for the hours that they were under assault, but feel abandoned again on the issue of free speech. This new harassment seems to prove that the true motive of the administration is to discourage any continuing call for peace and justice in Gaza. The National Lawyers Guild has offered free legal help to students on several other campuses.