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U.K. Defense Secretary Insists U.S. Must Follow Our Lead, No Peace Deal for Ukraine

United Kingdom Defence Secretary, Grant Shapps, Credit: UK Government

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, when asked today by Times Radio whether London would support any deal between Kiev and Moscow, declared, “No.”

As RT reported, Shapps told media today that London sees “no sense at all” in persuading or “strong-arming” Ukraine into any peace conditions and “giving up some of their territory.” He also argued that Crimea is an “integral part of Ukraine,” making it perfectly fine for the Kiev regime to use British weapons to strike the peninsula (pretty much as Britain struck Ireland, whenever it felt necessary).

Shapps, prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian, stated that there was no end to the conflict except the military defeat of Russia. The Defense Secretary explained: “I do not think it is plausible at all for Putin to win this war…. It is very, very important that the U.S. follows the U.K. lead. Remember: We’ve just increased our money to Ukraine this year to £3 billion ($3.78 billion), our biggest-ever package.” Apparently, it made sense to Shapps that the U.K. putting in less than 1/16 of what the U.S. just ponied up qualifies the London to tell Washington what to do.

Shapps, though, was on a roll. Despite Russia making its annual May 9 commemoration of the victory over Nazism, which had cost some 30 million Russian lives, while the infamous Neville Chamberlain propped Hitler up with Britain’s appeasement policy, Shapps declared that “we have been in this position before in Europe and we will simply not allow that to happen again. If you give a bully like Putin an inch, he will take a mile. In this case, he will probably take quite a lot, not just Ukraine. I’m not sure he will stop there either,” as if Putin and not NATO had moved nuclear forces 1,000 km to its border!