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Kyiv Defense Ministry Spokesman Dmytro Lazutkin Warns of Total War Mobilization

The spokesman for the Ukraine Defense Ministry Dmytro Lazutkin said today that the new laws to enforce military conscription on nearly all Ukrainian men will mean a massive shift in the lives of Ukrainians. “Globally speaking, starting on May 18, when the mobilization law comes into force, first of all, the approach to this war will change,” Lazutkin told Kyiv’s Espreso TV on May 11. “Because this situation, when some people are fighting at the front lines, while others are living their quiet lives, is obviously coming to an end.”

The entirety of Ukrainian society would need to make sacrifices and forget about their peaceful lives to defeat such an enemy as Russia, Lazutkin said. Life in Kyiv is “strikingly different” from the situation in the east, which is “abnormal,” according to the former “poet” Lazutkin. “It would be normal if our enemy was weak. But with such an enemy, the whole country and the whole society need to mobilize.”

The barbaric new rules lower the draft age to 25, automating the summons and greatly expanding the powers of enlistment officers, while introducing assorted restrictions for draft dodgers. The Foreign Ministry has suspended consular services for military-eligible Ukrainians abroad. Under the legislation, fines for violating the military registration rules will also increase to $520, with Ukrainian authorities threatening to block bank accounts and impose penalties on the property of those trying to avoid military service.