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Student Protests Continue Across United States, with Actions Internationally

Student protests on college campuses continue in the United States, with singular actions internationally from Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Ireland, England, and even at Humboldt University in Berlin. Demonstrations and clashes with police at U.S. campuses over the past few weeks have led to over 2,300 arrests as of Friday, according to the latest data published by AP.

It is notable that the New York Times broke its tradition of printing only lies, by posting a feature yesterday on the Zionist violent attack on the peaceful demonstrators at UCLA earlier this week, including multiple videos proving its report to be accurate. Under the title “How Counter Protesters at UCLA Provoked Violence, Unchecked for Hours,” they show the thugs attacking students with pepper spray, sticks and fists, dragging and beating students, whom, the Times asserts, cried out “do not respond,” and to only “hold the line.”

Princeton University students have launched a hunger strike “in support of the millions of Palestinians enduring the continuous siege in Gaza imposed by the state of Israel,” according to their organizers, reported RT on May 2. They intend to continue the strike until the administration convenes to address issues such as disclosure, divestment, boycotting Israel, and amnesty for protesters.

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