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Student support for Palestine at ULCA. Credit: CC

The outpouring of demonstrations on U.S. campuses against the continued war on Gaza has hit Palestinians like a refreshing springtime shower after a long drought. Yesterday various gatherings in north and central Gaza expressed their gratitude. In Deir al-Balah, in front of Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, doctors, nurses, and medical staff, as reported by CNN, stood and held signs that read: “United against genocide,” “The killing of children must stop” and “Keep on fighting for justice.” CNN quoted Dr. Saad Abu Sharban as saying that he was “over the moon” at seeing images of protesters in other countries. He said it meant “that around the world there are human beings who know what is happening here in Gaza Strip right now.”

With them were an assembly of children personally thanking the students at Columbia, Yale, and elsewhere. Children could also be seen holding signs and banners with the names of the different American universities, recognizing and thanking them for their common humanity and compassion.

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