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U.S. Still Says It Doesn’t 'Encourage or Enable' Strikes Outside Ukraine’s Territory

Over at Foggy Bottom, Matthew Miller said the same thing. “Our policy has been that we don’t encourage or enable strikes outside Ukraine’s borders,” he said with regard to Stoltenberg’s suggestion that allies should once again consider the possibility for Ukraine to use Western-supplied weapons to target military facilities inside Russia. “We always discuss with our allies and partners whatever is on their mind and we have those meetings but I don’t have anything further,” Miller noted. [cjo]

Sputnik cites Bild reporting that Kiev failed to notify Berlin of its use of a German-supplied Patriot air defense system “at least once to take action” against Russian targets. The strike was reportedly followed by “angry calls from Berlin and Washington and the threat to stop” supplying Kiev with anti-aircraft missiles if such an incident happened again.

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