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With U.S. Cheering It on, Color Revolution in Georgia Escalates

The Washington Post ran the headline today: “Tens of Thousands in Georgia Protest Russian-Style ‘Foreign Agents’ Law,” and kicker, “National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan praised those who turned out against the bill, proposed by the Georgian Dream party. Demonstrators demanded it not be adopted.” ostensibly covering the West’s color revolution against Tbilisi. The Post typically reports that the bill is “seen by critics and rights groups as a threat to democracy in the South Caucasus nation.” The bill is scheduled for a vote on Friday, May 17, and is expected to pass. Nonetheless, the Post complains: “The bill is an echo of a law in Russia, Georgia’s neighbor, that has been used to crush political dissent.” Of course, being the Washington Post, it fails to report that the bill is a virtual translation of a similar U.S. law requiring foreign-funded organizations to register as such.

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