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Xi-Macron Meeting Shows New Winds Blowing in the West

Emmanuel Macron and Xi Jinping at a 2023 meeting. Credit: European Commission

New winds are blowing at the Xi Jinping-Emmanuel Macron summit, against confrontationalism and towards constructive dialogue to deal with the turbulent situation in the world. The Macron-Xi summit in France is the occasion seized by both countries to discuss existential matters such as the wars in Ukraine and in Gaza, and try to deal with conflicts in the EU/China trade relations.

Beyond any of the details being discussed, both France and China, are clearly rejecting the method of bloc confrontation used by the Western oligarchies for many years to weaken any opposition to their power; they are calling for what would be a non-geopolitical approach.

On May 5, one day before his arrival in France for his May 6-7 summit with Macron, Xi wrote an op-ed for Le Figaro “[I Come to France with Three Messages from China]("; the Foreign Ministry provided the President’s the op-ed on its website in both [in English](, under the headline “Carrying Forward the Spirit that Guided the Establishment of China-France Diplomatic Relations, Working Together for Global Peace and Development,” and [in French]( (“Faire Rayonner l’Esprit Présidant à L’établissement des Relations Diplomatiques entre La Chine et La France et Promouvoir Ensemble la Paix et le Développement dans le Monde”) in which he brings three messages:

First, to have the state of mind that brought about the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France radiate, to promote together peace and development throughout the world.

France has a special charm for the Chinese, he said, with its many philosophers, writers and artists. It was also the country where the young Chinese leaders—including Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping—who would later change the face of China studied, as well as the country which first established diplomatic relations with China. Xi Jinping goes through all the achievements of this Franco-Chinese cooperation during the 60 years of this cooperation among which the first cooperation on civil aeronautics and civilian nuclear power.

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