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African Leaders at SPIEF: Stop Relying on Dollar, Africa ‘Will Make the World Go Round’

Jeremiah Oluwaseun, the chairman of Nigerian oil company Iris Group, told Sputnik Africa that Africa has to stop relying on the U.S. dollar. “One of the reasons why Africa has been underdeveloped till now is because we have allowed the West to maneuver us,” Oluwaseun told Sputnik yesterday on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Citing the goal of de-dollarization pronounced by Russia, the BRICS chair this year, he said that “this is the right time for [the African leaders] to grab this opportunity and stop being a slave under the dollar regime. We are tired of dollar. It is killing our economy…. The world needs to be free from being tied to just one source of trading. It is wisdom.” He also called on his government to increase its efforts to become a member of the BRICS.

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