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U.S. Colonel Warns, Allowing Ukraine To Strike Inside Russia Could Expand War

Commenting on Biden’s decision to allow Ukraine to strike inside Russia with U.S. weapons, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Earl Rasmussen, a veteran international consultant, told Sputnik it would push Russia to expand the war. “What it will do is encourage Russia to expand the buffer zone that has been discussed and to potentially directly strike U.S. and other NATO facilities supporting these actions.”

“It is possible that, secretly, Ukraine was allowed already, or at least Western intelligence and targeting information has likely been used on earlier strikes,” he said. “Yes, it is an escalation and most likely Russia will counter in some way.”

“Such decisions show that there are major influencers strongly seeking major escalation. Moreover, many of the political leaders are heavily politically committed for some reason to Project Ukraine and refuse to accept that it is a failure and would rather destroy their own countries and world than accept reality,” he said.

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