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Is Wall Street Getting Worried That Putin’s Peace Proposal Is Being Studied by Saner Minds?

The Editorial Board of Wall Street’s apparently felt it advisable to publish an editorial in its own name June 25, warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s peace proposal for the Ukraine conflict and Eurasia must be rejected. “This offer was patently designed to tempt and divide Ukraine’s friends. No one should fall for it,” the Board ordered in the first paragraph. In concluding, they again warned: Putin’s “proposal for talks in exchange for territory should be read as just his latest attempt to divide the allies and throttle Western support. Thanks but no thanks.”

In between those notes of concern that some nations might consider taking up Putin’s proposal for serious negotiations on an entirely new Eurasian security architecture, the Board repeated the hegemon narrative that the West must “future-proof” its support for Ukraine, lift the remaining restrictions on Ukraine’s use of Western military equipment, proceed to steal Russia’s financial assets, etc. The Board made clear that it is not concerned with Ukraine or its borders; “some form of territorial concessions will be part of a negotiated end to the war Putin started,” they assert. But, what is non-negotiable is that anyone should even question the fanatic policy to “deter Russia in the long term.”