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Kiev Regime Kills Civilians with U.S. ATACMS in Lugansk

Army Tactical Missile. Credit: U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center

The Russian Defense Ministry reported yesterday that Ukrainian forces hit residential areas in the city of Lugansk with ATACMS rockets, killing three civilians and wounding 35. This city is in the Lugansk People’s Republic, which in late 2022 became part of the Federation of Russia.

“At 11:00 Moscow time (08:00 GMT) today, the Kiev regime committed a crime against the civilian population of the Lugansk People’s Republic (L.P.R.) using weapons supplied by the West,” a Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) statement said, reported Sputnik. “Five U.S.-made ATACMS missiles were deliberately launched at residential areas of the city of Lugansk.” The MOD noted that four of the American missiles were downed by Russian air defense systems but the fifth one hit two apartment buildings, trapping people under the rubble.

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