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Leaders of NATO Play Reckless Game, Claiming, Forget Putin, There’s No Risk of War

Both NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and the Chief of the British Defense Staff Adm. Sir Tony Radakin are playing a duplicitous, dangerous game by dismissing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stark warning that further NATO/British activities, such as attacking Russia’s early warning radar system at Armavir, Orsk, and other locations, under cover of allowing Ukraine to strike Russian territory, will lead to nuclear war.

Indeed, the deprecation of Putin’s warning as “nothing new” is almost as dangerous as the NATO-British-U.S. military attacks, as it disarms the population of Western nations from knowing just how close they are to nuclear Armageddon, and from taking action to stop it.

Speaking on the sidelines of a NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Prague May 31, Stoltenberg said, “This is nothing new. It has … been the case for a long time that every time NATO allies are providing support to Ukraine, President Putin is trying to threaten us to not do that.” He added, “And an escalation—well, Russia has escalated by invading another country.”

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