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Macron Abused D-Day To Push War on Russia, Boost His Party for EU Elections

PARIS, June 6, 2024 (EIRNS)—Just three days before the European elections, French President Emmanuel Macron is abusing the 80th anniversary celebrations of D-Day, the June 6, 1944 landing of the Allied forces at the Normandy beaches to fight the Nazis. Macron is fully deployed, for these events to both to prop up his party, to avoid a defeat in on June 9, and to prepare France for what he hopes could be imminent war. Currently in the polls, the front runner, at about 30% is Jordan Bardella, the head of Marie Le Pen’s slate, while Macron’s Renaissance party trails at 14%.

Even though, law restricts speaking time in the election among all parties very strictly, Macron used his prerogative as President to give a prime time interview tonight via the two major TV channels, TF1 and France 2, to impose his presence on any election debates.

With Presidents Biden and Zelenskyy present in France, Macron used the occasion to rail against Russia. “We must pass on this memory” of D-Day, adding that “Ukraine is confronted with an imperialist power , which is not Nazi Germany, but which is trampling international law underfoot, in the person of Russia.” He added that, as a result, these commemorations resonate with current events. “Russia has betrayed the message of the Libération, of the landings.”

Regarding Ukraine, Macron used the occasion to proceed to a new escalation. “Tomorrow, we will launch a new cooperation and announce the transfer of Mirage 2000-5s, which will enable Ukraine to protect its sky. We’ll be training Ukrainian pilots as early as this summer. It normally takes five to six months. The Ukrainian pilots will be trained in France,” he said. “We also want to train a brigade. We propose to train 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers, equip them and train them.”

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