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Various press reports are coming in from around Europe on the results of the European Union Parliament elections today, showing a major shift.

As of about 8:15 pm EDT Sunday evening, The Guardian reported the following:

In France: Marine Le Pen’s rightwing National Rally (RN) won about 32% of the votes, more than double that scored by Macron’s allies, according to projections. President Emmanuel Macron announced that he will dissolve parliament and call snap legislative elections. “The first round of elections for the National Assembly will take place on 30 June and the second on 7 July,” The Guardian reported, calling the snap election “a huge gamble on his political future three years before the end of his second term as President.”

Germany provisional results: Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU): 30.7%; Social Democratic party (SPD): 14.5%; Alternative for Germany (AfD): 14.5%; the SPD-CDU coalition partner, the Free Democrats (FDP) lost two EU seats in preliminary counting, coming in behind the AfD.

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