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U.S. ballistic missile. Credit: Courtesy Photo of U.S. Army Security Assistance Command.

On Tuesday, one day after being prevented from boarding a plane and after having his passport seized by U.S. border patrol, former U.S. Marine and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter said the following on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “Judging Freedom” show:

“The command centers that Russia uses were conceptualized and constructed during the Soviet Union, when Ukraine was part of the Union, and, from a Russian perspective, they were deep in the Russian rear, protected. But if Ukraine now is carved out and made part of NATO, and you insert American missiles there, all of these places that were thought to be safe in the rear are now reachable. And if America allows Ukraine to use ATACMS missiles to strike these facilities, Russia will nuke NATO! Not Ukraine—NATO!... The Ukrainians are complaining that the United States will only allow them to use the HIMARS, that they won’t be allowed to use the ATACMS to strike Russia yet. But, just so everybody in your audience understands, we are one ATACMS launch away from everybody dying. We are one ATACMS launch away from everybody dying. The Russians aren’t playing games here.”

But while these truthful words were being spoken, the game continued. British Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Tony Radakin told Sky News on June 3 not to worry, Putin is just bluffing: “Putin does not want a war with NATO…. We’ve got to be very careful that we distinguish between the really severe and deep threats in the late 1930s and then how we entered into a world war, and not use loose language that we’re somehow on the cusp of a world war now.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine has escalated the shelling into the Russian town of Belgorod, just across the border from Kharkiv, after having been given the approval by the U.S. and other NATO nations to do so. Over the course of June 3, a total of 14 districts around Belgorod were attacked, hitting houses, cars, power lines, a gas station, retail stores, and commercial enterprises—killing one and wounding eight, according to Russia. While Ukraine is currently not allowed to use its long-range ATACMS missiles against targets in Russian territory, how long is it until even this red line will be crossed? Especially, given that the Biden administration’s stipulation for Ukraine to attack Russian territory, issued just last week, was that they must be directed only at military targets.

“The train of war has departed the penultimate station,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said Monday, June 3. “The next stop is the final stop, and the question is whether it will get there, or whether someone will step on the emergency brake….”

Who will step on that emergency brake? Where is the great outcry from within those Western countries whose citizens will be turned into ash if this is not stopped?

If you choose to become an actor on the stage of history today, arm yourself with an understanding of the battlefield which you’re on. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute and convener of the International Peace Coalition, said the following to TASS published yesterday:

“We are experiencing right now the end of a period of 600 years of colonialism. The Global Majority, which represents more than 80% of the world population and 70% of the world’s GDP, is moving to build a new economic system based on a win-win cooperation and the Five Principles of Peaceful Cooperation.” This includes “their own financial mechanisms, which allow them access to credit for development to build up their own industrialized economies. If the countries of Europe, and even the U.S., would be reasonable, they would open up to cooperate with these countries as growing future markets, and all problems could be solved easily.” But instead, “the pro-Atlanticist elites are completely unwilling to accept the fact that the disarray of the world order is the blow-back of their own policy,” she said.

Turning to the recent decision by the Biden Administration to approve the use of American weapons to strike Russian territory, Zepp-LaRouche said: “The biggest danger is that the Western establishments have talked themselves into believing that Russia is only bluffing, while they think they can continue to ‘boil the Russian frog….’ If this insane trajectory is not stopped, we will have Armageddon shortly. The alarm bells must ring loudly for everyone to hear.”