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Scott Ritter Responds to NATO Escalations Against Russia

On the Judge Andrew Napolitano’s broadcast “Judging Freedom” on May 30, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter debunked the myth that Western and NATO nations are giving Ukraine the “right to defend itself” by approving the use of their weapons for strikes inside Russian territory. These are Western weapons programmed with Western intelligence infrastructure and controlled by Western technicians. “All Ukraine does is launch them, but every other aspect of this weapon was done by other nations,” Ritter said. He referenced the fact that Russian President Putin had made that same point the other day.

This scenario is now opening up a very dangerous situation, because if Western weapons are used to strike inside Russia, it’s the same thing as a direct attack by these countries on Russia, “and Russia has made it clear that it’s going to treat it that way.” Russia will target the satellites, the ground stations, and any other targets that were involved in these attacks, he said. “So if they start attacking Russia and say, ‘Well, Ukraine has a right to strike those targets,’ you’re sort of saying that Russia now has a right to strike all of Europe.”

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