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The Agenda of Bilderberg Conference in Madrid: War, How to Profit From War, and The Role Of AI In War

The annual Bilderberg conferences are considered by some to be the “Boardroom of the Western Alliance,” according to The Guardian. This year the “Western Alliance'’ seems to be obsessed with war. Their secretive gatherings usually inspire much suspicion and distrust with the general public so this year’s public relations spin presents the conference more as a “Davos'’ style round table discussion and less of the darkness of the “Illuminati.” However, despite the sugarcoating by the spin doctors, this event which started on May 30 is still one of the biggest gatherings of NATO warmongers, globalist bankers, depopulation freaks, surveillance state controllers, and leaders of the thought police. Security was tighter than usual to protect these “luminaries.”

They seem to have lost some of their confident swagger of past conferences, and now show more fear of losing their unchallenged dominance over the world. They have weaponized every topic. The goal of war is not victory, but rather more wars, longer wars, and wider wars. The goal of the information economy is not to inform, but to surveil. The goal of the financial industry is not to finance growth, but to control debt.

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