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U.S. Initiates ‘Information Ramstein’ Against Opponents of NATO’s War on Russia

The U.S. State Department announced today that the United States and Poland have “jointly launched a new Ukraine Communications Group (UCG), based in Warsaw, to support Ukraine against Russia’s aggression in the information space. The UCG will bring together like-minded partner governments to coordinate messaging, promote accurate reporting of Russia’s full-scale invasion, amplify Ukrainian voices, and expose Kremlin information manipulation,” we are informed.

Last January, NATO’s European Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats had promoted the idea of an “Information Ramstein” to centralize operations against opponents of NATO’s Ukraine war against Russia, in a January 2024 report, “[How Ukraine Fights Russian Disinformation: Beehive vs. Mammoth](” The first “Ramstein Group” centralizes international military aid; the task of the proposed “Information Ramstein” would be to bring together “civil society, journalists, the private sector … and governments and their institutions, such as ministries or secret services” to censor any voice opposing NATO’s global war drive.

With the realization spreading that Ukraine has lost a war run by NATO against Russia, the State Department decided censorship action is needed.

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