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New White House Report Shows Worldwide Deployment of U.S. Armed Forces

The White House issued it regular, mandated War Powers report on June 7. The report shows that the US military is engaged in operations in, or with respect to, numerous countries around the world, both as invited forces, and unlawfully. They include the following:

Afghanistan, where US forces “remain postured outside Afghanistan to address threats to the United States homeland and United States interests that may arise from inside Afghanistan.”

Iraq and Syria: anti-ISIS operations

Yemen: anti-ISIS and anti-Al Qaeda operations

Yemen: military operations to counter Houthi ship attacks

Saudi Arabia, where US forces are deployed to protect US interests in the region against hostile action by Iran and Iran-backed groups. The total number of United States forces in the kingdom is approximately 2,321.

Jordan: There are approximately 3,800 US troops in Jordan “to support Defeat-ISIS operations, to enhance Jordan’s security, and to promote regional stability.”

Lebanon: approximately 75 United States military personnel are deployed in Lebanon “to enhance the government’s counterterrorism capabilities and to support the counterterrorism operations of Lebanese security forces.”

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