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Wang Yi Responds to Zelenskyy’s Attacks by Increasing Efforts To Organize a Real Peace Conference

Speaking to reporters at a joint press conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan on June 4, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi indicated that China would be making greater efforts to organize a peace conference on Ukraine. Wang indicated six points that should lay at the basis of such a conference, points which were issued jointly by China’s Wang and Brazil’s Celso Amorim, Chief Advisor to the President of Brazil, in Beijing on May 23, and which have since gained consensus from 26 countries. These included cooling down the situation, preventing escalation of the war, and stopping the fanning of flames of war. In addition, they called for continued dialogue and negotiation, increased humanitarian assistance, no use of nuclear weapons or attacks on nuclear plants, and maintaining the stability of the industrial supply chain. The more countries that support these points, Wang said, the closer the world will come to a true peace conference.

Wang said that China was supportive of all attempts at moving toward negotiations, and had given advice to Switzerland with regard to its June 15-16 conference. He also indicated that there are many conferences ongoing in the world, and that China must determine independently which ones it will participate in.