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Zelenskyy Attacks China for Not Attending His "Peace Summit"

Ukraine’s dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy used his opportunity to speak before the Asia-Pacific nations to attack China for allegedly sabotaging his Switzerland “peace conference” by deciding not to attend and also by encouraging other countries of the Global South to not attend. “There is no need to help Ukraine and the civilized world end the war,” Zelenskyy said, “but it seems to me that disrupting the peace summit and doing everything to prevent some leaders from getting there is definitely not bringing peace any closer. And this is not only support for Russia, it is actually support for the war.” He charged that China was “a tool in the hands of Putin.”

Zelenskyy made the pretense of playing the U.S. card by saying that Ukraine has evidence that Beijing is giving military help to Moscow, although Chinese President Xi Jinping promised him in a telephone conversation a month ago that “China will stand aside.” “Today there is information that somehow some things end up on Russian markets through China ... elements of Russian weapons come from China,” the chief of Kyiv proclaimed.

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