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Georgia Tells U.S., Cooperation, Yes, but We ‘Cannot Be a Vassal to Anyone’

In response to U.S. Department of Defense’s “indefinite postponement” of the joint U.S.-Georgia “Noble Partner” military exercise in Georgia,, announced on July 5, Kakha Kaladze, Secretary General of the ruling Georgian Dream Party, said that “the Georgian government is ready for cooperation, friendship” with the U.S., but respect “must be mutual.” Kaladze said he expects U.S. “attitudes and approaches to change.”

On May 14, the Georgian parliament passed the Foreign Influence Transparency Law, which requires any NGO or media organization receiving a minimum of 20% of its funding from foreign sources, to register as an “organization carrying out the interests of a foreign power.” On May 18, the pro-NATO President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili vetoed the transparency law. On May 28, the Georgian Parliament overrode her veto. The U.S.-British-EU governments, which have been financing these NGOs to overthrow the Georgian government, slandered the Georgian Parliament with being “undemocratic” for voting its decisions.

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