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Benjamin Netanyahu. CC/Copyright by World Economic Forum / Manuel Lopez

The Israelis who lost relatives and friends in the October 7 attacks hold one person responsible, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and they are demanding that “Netanyahu must go.” A Nov. 10 article in Haaretz by Hilo Glazer reported on a demonstration held in Jerusalem on Nov. 4 by the bereaved family members outside of Netanyahu’s residence.

Glazer cites a “J’Accuse” speech by Gadi Kedem, who lost six family members on October 7, saying in a video speech posted on Nov. 3: “I accuse Benjamin Netanyahu of leading Israel to the biggest disaster in its history.” Kedem, a resident of Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, added: “I accuse him of tearing apart the nation with the judicial coup, which dismantled and weakened the state in the face of its enemies; of forsaking the communities near the Gaza border for years; of strengthening Hamas by way of suitcases of money; of ignoring the warnings of the heads of defense organizations. The blood of my family is on his hands…. Netanyahu is a danger to the state. He can’t send soldiers into battle. Most of the nation doesn’t believe him. To save the state and us, Netanyahu must go now. Yes, in the middle of a war. Right now.”

This is only a portion of the quote. At these Nov. 4 demonstrations there are such slogans as, “You’ve killed us. Resign now”; “1,400 murdered, 240 hostages, millions traumatized and 64 despicable [Knesset members] that even Satan didn’t create.” The chants against Netanyahu were explicit: “Murderer,” “traitor,” “No forgiveness for the angel of destruction” and comparisons to terror organizations, some of which are best not committed to paper, according to Glazer. The bereaved family group is operating outside of the political parties and organizations. Glazer quotes several bereaved family members along these lines.

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