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White House Spokesman Can’t See Israeli Genocide in Gaza

U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby doesn’t see any Israeli genocide in Gaza. During a White House briefing with reporters yesterday, Kirby complained that the word “genocide” is “getting thrown around in a pretty inappropriate way by lots of different folks.” It’s Hamas that wants genocide, he claimed. “They want to wipe Israel off the map. They’ve said so publicly on more than one occasion—in fact, just recently.”

“Yes, there are too many civilian casualties in Gaza,” he admitted. “Yes, the numbers are too high. Yes, too many families are grieving. And yes, we continue to urge the Israelis to be as careful and cautious as possible. That’s not going to stop, from the President right on down.”

Apparently for Kirby, the rash of statements and comments from racist circles in Israel which add up to wiping Gaza off the map never happened. “Israel is not trying to wipe the Palestinian people off the map. Israel is not trying to wipe Gaza off the map,” he lied. “Israel is trying to defend itself against a genocidal terrorist threat. So, when we’re going to start—if we’re going to start using that word, fine, let’s use it appropriately.”

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