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African Energy Chamber Declares Fossil Fuels Good for Killing Poverty

Breaking profile—and just in time for the opening of COP28—the African Energy Chamber has come out defending natural gas and Africa’s right to use it. In a statement, Executive Chairman NJ Ayuk, the otherwise very green group first made the expected obeisance to the agenda, and then concluded, in a statement of its independence from the Davos/World Economic Forum narrative, with an obvious situation:

“In the meantime, the world will still need oil and gas to power its way there, and Africa is primed to deliver it. The hydrocarbon-bearing nations on our continent deserve to enjoy the same benefits the developed nations reaped when they extracted and monetized the fossil fuels beneath their soil and off their shores. African states also need their fossil fuels, natural gas in particular, to help alleviate the debilitating energy poverty impacting more than 600 million people.

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