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Dutch Military Seeks To Beat Plowshares into Swords, Expropriate Farmers

The Dutch military has announced its intent to seize large chunks of land for military purposes, involving the village of Marknesse for storage of military drones, the town of Dronten for munitions storage, and the town of Zeewolde for a new “super” barracks. All this—the 544-square-mile province of Flevoland, wrested from the sea after World War II—is presently dedicated almost entirely to agriculture and tourism. Last December, 70 farmers were notified that their land was under consideration for military conversion, and that was only for one of the three areas.

How ironic! Here’s land reclaimed from the sea by science and technology, made to yield food in a hungry world, which will be seized to help launch wars against mankind! It is a clear case of beating plowshares into swords.

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