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Antonov Strikes Back at Biden's Threat That Russia Could Invade a NATO Country

Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov responded on the embassy Telegram channel firmly to U.S. President Joe Biden’s statement on Dec. 6 alleging that Russia could invade a NATO country after a possible victory in Ukraine, that would draw the United States into the conflict. Ambassador Antonov’s response, in English, read:

“Dear Ambassador Antonov, how could you comment on today’s statements made by the U.S. leadership that the Russian Federation ‘will not stop’ if it wins in Ukraine and invades one of the NATO states? Thus, they say, it will create the preconditions for a direct clash between the Russian and American armed forces.

“Anatoly Antonov: When it comes to our country, the local authorities do not shun any myth-making and propagation of dangerous lies: whether it is staged ‘atrocities’ in Bucha inspired by the West or Russia’s alleged plans to use nuclear weapons during a special military operation in Ukraine.

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