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Prof. Battaglia Demonstrates COP Was a Flop, Yet We Are Still Chasing a Fairy Tale

The flop of COP28 was largely predictable, wrote Prof. Franco Battaglia, professor of physical chemistry at the University of Modena, in today’s daily La Verità, but the climate lobby nevertheless got what they wanted: a three-fold increase of so-called “renewables.” This “victory” will throw $1 trillion per year down a hole.

He explained that COP28 has been a flop like all previous COPs, because their goal—elimination of fossil energy sources—cannot be achieved. Instead, the COP people “should thank God for living in the era of [fossil fuels]... It was fossil fuels who liberated us from slavery,” which “lasted until when–thanks to the use of fossil fuels to supply energy–slavery became obsolete.” Coal, oil and natural gas “supply an abundant and cheap energy and nobody with a level head wants to run the risk that slavery be reintroduced.”

However, with the commitment to increase threefold wind and solar capacity by 2030, the final COP28 statement wants to burn $1 trillion a year for nothing. He explained: “There are 1000 GW of solar and wind power, and to install 2000 GW of each type in the next six years means to commit $1 trillion per year until 2030.”

Further, much noise for nothing, because 2,000 GW of photovoltaic means a production of 250 GW of electricity, against over 15,000 GW global energy consumption of fossil fuels. “This is money taken away from land improvement, protection from severe weather and seismic events, from health and care for the weak.”