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Bolsonaro Mucking Around in Argentina on the Eve of Milei's Inauguration

Brazil’s former President, the fascist Jair Bolsonaro, landed in Buenos Aires last night on the eve of Javier Milei’s Dec. 10 inauguration as Argentina President, and immediately began spouting off provocative statements about right-left polarization, in Argentina and the region, and insulting Brazilian President Lula da Silva, who will not be attending the Argentine inauguration. Since a Brazilian court has prohibited Bolsonaro from engaging in any political activity in his country until 2030, based on his lies that Lula “stole the election” from him in 2022, he is apparently planning on getting very involved in Milei’s government.

Having arrived in Buenos Aires late last night with his splashy 30-person delegation, Bolsonaro and his son Eduardo, a close ally of Anglo-American asset Steve Bannon, went off to meet with Milei first thing this morning for 90 minutes, after Bolsonaro was first interviewed by Radio Mitre’s right-wing host Eduardo Feinmann. In the interview, Bolsonaro gushed that Milei’s election is of great international importance, especially “in a context in which the world is divided between left and right,” adding “we are not opponents of the left, we are enemies,” the state news agency Telam reported him saying.

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