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Chas Freeman: ‘Disaster for the United States and for Israel

IDF Military Raids will not produce a "better peace." IDF X page

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis (ret.) interviewed retired U.S. diplomat Chas Freeman, who has great experience with the nations of the Southwest Asia region, on [“Daniel Davis Deep Dive” podcast][] Dec. 27. Prompted by specific questions, Freeman spoke in some depth about each nation in the region and how the “war” is impacting those nations and their leaders. But he was most forceful about Israel and the United States.

“Israel is going to emerge from this war a pariah state [among nations of the entire region], with very limited support even in the United States after a time…. U.S. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman said that the purpose of war is to produce a better peace. This war will not produce a better peace for Israel,” said Freeman. He characterized the Netanyahu government as carrying out “genocide, with publicly stated intent. It’s very clear they intend to depopulate Gaza—and the West Bank. Real estate agents’ promotions are beginning to appear in Israel, which promise to build you a beachfront villa on the shore of Gaza.”

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