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China Calls Out Colorado’s Ban on Trump as Deploying Law as ‘a Political Weapon’

China’s Global Times daily reports that Chinese experts are shaking their heads over the latest sign of the collapse of the U.S. democratic system.

Its Dec. 20 article was headlined “Ruling on Trump Injects More Uncertainty into U.S. Political Chaos.” It notes that legal matters used to be separated from political matters in the U.S., but “this time it looks like the law is going to be exerted to affect a person’s political rights.” That is significant, the daily adds, not just because the decision concerns Trump.

“The Democrats have condemned Trump in the name of democracy, their own practices are actually also undemocratic in a way. They’re making a self-aggrandizing claim about the existing politics of the US as being democratic, when it’s not. The attitudes of both parties further reflect the rottenness of American politics, and that the law now seems to be exerted as a political weapon.”

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