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Global Times Slams Western Hypocrisy Regarding Serbia

In its Dec. 26 edition, China’s daily Global Times criticized the hypocritical attitude of the West towards Serbia. The West is attempting to unleash a color revolution around the results of Serbia’s Dec. 17 parliamentary elections, in which the Progressive Party of President Alexandar Vucic won 47% of the vote, but is being accused of vote fraud. The opposition Serbia Against Violence (SNP) coalition used violence to challenge the results, even though it only garnered 23% of the vote, storming City Hall headquarters on Dec. 24.

“The turmoil surrounding the Serbian election exposes the West’s attempt to create chaos around the world and its hypocrisy,” Global Times charged. Instead of focusing on condemning “these violations of the rule of law, the U.S. and the West accused Serbia of electoral fraud…. Obviously they put their focus on the election instead of criticizing the irrational behavior of the opposition.”

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