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New Archeological Discovery in Italy of a Star Chart

A recent discovery made by archeologists in northeastern Italy of a stone disk dating from approximately 2,400 years ago, indicated that man-made markings on the stone correspond to stars in constellations such as Scorpius, Orion, Cassiopeia and the Pleiades, as reported by Sputnik. The stone was found at an ancient hill fort in Rupinpiccolo, northeastern Italy.

A study that was published in November 2023 by Astonomische Nachrichten described the stone disc, which was roughly the size of a car tire, and had 29 chisel markings, with 24 on one side and 5 on the reverse, which corresponded to the above-mentioned constellations, with one “a unique marker above Orion’s northern region puzzled … astronomers because it does not correspond to any familiar star today. This marker might point to a star that experienced a supernova—a star’s powerful and luminous explosion—resulting in an elusive black hole that advanced astronomical methods might one day reveal.”

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