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Medvedev’s Hilarious Ridicule Compares Swiss ‘Peace Conference’ to Orwell’s Animal Farm

RT reported yesterday that Dmitry Medvedev, currently the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, writing on Telegram on Sunday fake “peace conference” compared the summit to George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, which RT describes as “a veiled reference to the Stalin-era Soviet Union,” full of comparisons to the devious and mindless animals in Orwell’s novel.

He said the Swiss event is “pure surrealism” and that “none of the participants in the ‘peace forum’ know what they are doing there and what their role is.” He said that the Swiss “shepherd boys” invited only “trustworthy animals,” including a “crazy puny swine” and his sidekick, and also “a flock of slow-witted Western Alpine sheep blithely bleating about peace, as well as a pack of European chained dogs to guard the livestock.”

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