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Putin Addresses Russian Defense Ministry Board Meeting

President Vladimir Putin at the expanded meeting of the Defence Ministry Board.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed an end-of-year meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry Board today, during which he reported, among other things, that modern military equipment accounts for 95% of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces. “This year, thanks to the consistent implementation of the state armament programme and the efficient operation of the defense industry enterprises, the level of modern weapons and equipment in the strategic nuclear forces as a whole has reached 95 percent….” Putin remarked, reported the Kremlin.

“Given the changing nature of military threats and the emergence of new military and political risks, the role of the nuclear triad, which ensures the balance of power, the strategic balance of power in the world, has significantly increased. … By the end of the year, 15 Yars and Avangard missile system launchers will be put into combat service in the strategic missile forces.”

As for Russia’s special military operation, Putin reported that Russia has the initiative in the Ukraine conflict and is at liberty to conduct military action as it sees fit. “In fact, we are doing what we think is necessary, and what we want to do. Where necessary, where you, the commanders generally consider it appropriate to use active defense tactics, you do that; in other areas, we are improving our positions. The enemy is suffering heavy losses and has largely squandered their reserves trying to show their real bosses at least some progress in their much-hyped operation they call a counter-offensive.”

Putin declared that Western attempts to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia in the Ukraine conflict were thwarted by the bravery and resolve of Russian soldiers. “Speaking of which, the myth about the Western military equipment being invulnerable has also collapsed.

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