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Lavrov Points Out, When the West Gives Up Drive for Hegemony, Conflicts Will Stop

Russian news agency TASS concluded its broad Dec. 28 interview with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with the “what to expect of next year?” question; specifically, does he foresee tensions building up in ever-more regions across the globe?

“The world remains stormy, and one of the reasons is that the Western policymakers provoke crises thousands of kilometers away from their borders in order to solve their own problems at the expense of other peoples,” Lavrov responded. He named the history of the well-known conflicts which the West has stoked (Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.) here, there and everywhere, and some of those the West is openly fomenting already (such as Taiwan).

Notably, however, he reports that he has discussed this problem with officials of Russia’s (many, and growing) partner countries, and many of those others foresee, as he does, that the Western nations could get off their geopolitical policy:

“It can be said that at a time when the West is holding onto elusive dominance, no one is safe from its geopolitical intrigues. And there is increasing recognition of this in the world. We can feel this when communicating with our partners in the international arena. Most of them agree with us that sooner or later our Western colleagues will have to accept the realities of a multipolar world, and then all issues will be resolved based on a balance of interests. However, until this moment, the crisis development is likely to continue.”