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Farmer Protests Could Force German Government To Step Down

The pre-Christmas farmer protests in Germany have been just a prelude to much more massive actions coming in January, by both farmers and also by other groups that are intent to bring the present government down. It is not just the utterly hostile attitude of the government against agriculture; rather, its policies in all other areas, particularly energy policy, which is destroying the economy’s power supply, are doomed to destroy the country, and therefore the government has to step down and be replaced, said senior farm activist Anthony Lee of the “Country Creates Connection” organization, speaking to Austrian independent economist Marc Friedrich in a video interview.

Adding another set of protests without a perspective of seriously changing policies would make no sense. More and more citizens have the same view, as latest opinion polls indicate, which give the government a positive rating of no more than 17%. It is high time for this incompetent government to go. Jan. 15 is set to become a historic breakthrough for the protest wave, Lee announced.