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Former President of Guyana Calls for CARICOM To Back ‘Courageous South Africa’

Former Guyanese President Donald Ramotar, who has raised his voice repeatedly in defense of the Palestinian people’s right to live, issued the following call Jan. 10, which he has made available to EIR and the Schiller Institute:

“Courageous South Africa:

“South Africa’s action in taking Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is an act that is saving the conscience of humanity of the world’s people. Almost all the decent-minded persons in our world are against the genocide that Israel is conducting in the Gaza, but our governments are generally deafeningly silent.

“There could be more than one reason for this. However, the main cause is most likely the unconditional support that the U.S., U.K., and many countries in the EU are giving to Israel.

“Therefore, many third world countries are deadly afraid of being sanctioned by the powerful Israeli supporters.

“South Africa’s humanitarian stance has helped us to expose the real nature of the governments in the Middle East. They are only paying lip services and not taking any action to halt the wholesale killings taking place. Many countries use this as an excuse for not condemning the genocide and to turn `a Nelson’s eye’ to the slaughter of innocent civilians.

“South Africa’s stance is one of the greatest acts of solidarity to assist the unarmed women, children and other innocent civilians. The only equivalence we have to what Israel is doing in the Gaza is the actions of the Fascists in Europe in the 1940s. This must stop. South Africa’s case is the most tangible act of support so far undertaken.

“I wish to urge our CARICOM countries to join South Africa in its action.

“This would be the meaningful solidarity so desperately needed at this time.

“CARICOM countries should join with Belize, one of the countries whose administration has demonstrated courage and integrity, in standing up to Israel and her backers in the holocaust taking place in the Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

“The government and people of South Africa must not be left alone in their brave action. We in the region must stand with them as they stand for life and not death!”