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German Government Stages Fake Protest Movement To Play Down Farmer Protest

Rally against AFD. CGTN X page

In the past few days, several hundred thousand Germans rallied against the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) in major cities, calling for action to stop the party before it increased its support further and handed the country over to extreme right-wing forces.

Apart from other issues, an undercover operation against a Nov. 25 secret meeting of AfD members at a Potsdam hotel, allegedly promoting the mass expulsion of migrants from Germany, serves as the pretext for these rallies. The undercover job was carried out by Correctiv, a network of former journalists from mainstream media which are funded by Soros’s Open Society, Deutsche Bank, and the German government’s Center for Political Education, among others, including several private foundations. The stories that Correctiv creates (such as massive exposure of alleged Russian operations to take over Germany) cater perfectly to the narratives of the mainstream media.

The obvious question which nobody in the mainstream media asks is: Why is this story being reported now, six weeks after “secret” Nov. 25 meeting, if it really was a fundamentalist conspiracy against the German state? Why now, as a big news item on Jan. 10—two days after 100,000 tractors rolled through Berlin and nearly 100 other cities across Germany in powerful farmer protests?

The government has tried to slander the farmer protests as allegedly undermined and potentially taken over by extreme right-wingers, but that campaign has miserably failed, as popular support for the tractorcades has increased nevertheless. The farmers’ tractorcades have been joined in many places by truck transport companies, which also held their own days of action this past week with more than 1,500 protesters and hundreds of trucks and other vehicles in Berlin on Friday, Jan. 19.

That is the real Germany, contrary to the fake “Germany” which the government and its collaborators in the institutions, including labor union hacks and churches, want to portray through these instantly orchestrated anti-AfD rallies.