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Inews Shows U.K. Compiling Trump Dossier, as Victory May Pose ‘Security Threats’

London’s Inews reported on Jan. 5, based upon unnamed sources, that the U.K. Foreign Office is heading an effort whereby senior U.K. officials compile a dossier on former U.S. President Donald Trump. The U.K. government will need contingency plans to guard against “security threats” posed by Trump’s re-election, three senior former diplomats have told Inews. One source said that Britain’s Ambassador to Washington Karen Pierce is leading the effort, and stated that, “Karen will be sharing a lot of information about what she is collecting.”

The report also suggested that the U.K. had drawn conclusions from Trump’s win in 2016 and would not underestimate him again. A source said: “I suspect they will be saying, ‘We screwed it up last time.…’ I think there will be fierce activity, contact-building, and trying to be in the room.”

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